Specialty Services

Veterinary Specialties Services offers seven specialty practice areas, providing advanced veterinary care for pets. Each specialty team is led by board certified veterinarians who are leaders in their field, along with a highly-trained and dedicated team of veterinary technicians (nurses) and critical care support staff helping to ensure a consistent, and caring focus on each pet undergoing treatment with us.

Some pets require a combination of specialities to best manage their conditions. Our specialists work together, and with the referring veterinarian to ensure a comprehensive treatment program for the animals in our care.

If your pet has been referred to one of our specialty teams for care, you can click on the links below to find out more details.



    VSS surgeons are highly-skilled and compassionate doctors who routinely perform complex of surgeries to help improve the quality of life of your pet. From minimally invasive procedures, to orthopedic repair efforts on fractures and torn ligaments and more intensive procedures like cancer and reconstructive surgeries, our surgeons work closely with owners, primary veterinarians and the other specialists at VSS to provide the most comprehensive care possible .

    Our Surgical Team

    Our Outpatient Team

    Our Recovery Techs



    Your primary care veterinarian can diagnose and treat many health problems and handle routine emergencies, but certain situations may require the assistance of a doctor who has had specialized, intensive training in handling emergency and critical care for you pet. Our Emergency staff has 3 Board certified specialists in Veterinary Medicine and a team of Emergency doctors and Specialty Trained Technicians.

    Our Critical Care Team

    Our Critical Care Team

    The veterinarians in our critical care practice provide compassionate, intensive care 24-hour a day, every day. Our veterinary ICU is is fully equipped with oxygen monitoring, mechanical ventilation, and ECG monitoring. By closely monitoring critically ill pets, we are often able to optimize treatments and can quickly access the VSS veterinary specialists on staff to ensure the best care and recovery protocols for animals with critical medical needs.

    Our Critical Care Team



    Our Neurology department offers the highest level of diagnostic procedures, medical and surgical therapy that relates to Diseases of the Brain and Spine in domestic animals. Our team is highly skilled to help you become fully informed should your pet have a neuromuscular disease, need spinal stabilization or even brain surgery to name a few areas of concern. Medical advancement and our state of the art technology, partnering with your veterinarian, allows for us to help you make informed decisions about the best therapeutic care for your family pet.

    Our Neurology Team



    New advances in veterinary technology and chemotherapy allow some pets with cancer to have an improved quality of life and live longer. As with humans, an early diagnosis often opens up more treatment options for your pet. If your primary veterinarian suspects cancer, a referral to VSS may include advanced diagnostic cancer testing – including ultrasound, CT scans, and biopsy procedures – to identify the type, location, and behavior of a tumor. After collecting this information, our oncology specialist, along with other VSS specialists and the family veterinarian, provide optimal treatment options based on the animals condition. These treatments are tailored to the animal’s particular cancer and are collaboratively designed with your own goals for your pet.

    Our Oncology Team



    Your pet may have complex medical problems affecting multiple organs or systems. That’s where a veterinary internist comes in. Our internal medicine department collaborates with other VSS specialty services, and your pets primary veterinarian to find a comprehensive approach to long-term health care for your pet. A referral to our internal medicine practice will put you in touch with our three veterinary internists who are highly-skilled doctors with access to a state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment protocols.

    Our Internal Medicine Team



    With today’s technology, our cardiologist are able to successfully address and treat many animal heart problems. While most pets diagnosed with heart disease can be treated with medications, our practice allows for a full spectrum of treatments, including a the only cardiac cath lab in the region. Our veterinary cardiologist collaborates frequently with our surgeons and internists to correct cardiac conditions, offering those pets an option for longer and happier lives.

    Our Cardiology Team



    Sometimes your primary veterinarian will need advanced diagnostic help, requiring a peek inside, to help identify a medical condition. Our radiology team works with sophisticated tools to help pinpoint the issue and point the way towards optimal treatment protocols. VSS radiologists use both conventional radiography (X-ray) a well as CT (Computed Tomography) and MR Ultrasound (MRI) to help determine the best course of treatment for your pet.

    Our Radiology Team



    Pets with chronic conditions, or who are recovering from an injury or surgical procedure, sometimes experience lingering pain and immobility. Physical therapy and rehabilitation is often an essential part of helping your pet manage pain, speed recovery and improve overall strength and mobility. Located at the VSS clinic, the Healing Paws rehabilitation specialists are available to evaluate and assist pets to help improve their mobility and comfort, and in some cases speed their post-treatment recovery.