CE for Veterinarians

Continuing Education Seminar

Free Event

Sunday, May 6th, 2018

St. Louis Zoo
McDonnell Center
at River Camp

C .E.
Please RSVP by
May 1st, 2018
to Trace’ Schniers at

Presenters include:


Specialists from VSS

Emergency/Critical Care, Oncology, Neurology and Surgery

Dr. Christine Willis-Mahn
Dr. Teresa Himebaugh from IDEXX Laboratories
Fecal Antigen Testing
Registration: 7:30 a.m.
A light breakfast will be provided.
Introductions: 8:00 a.m. Dr. Mary Jean Gorse
Lectures : 8:15 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.
Lunch: 12:15 p.m.

Available for discussions at lunch:
Dr. Rebecca Tremble, sponsor from Hill’s Science Diet
Dr. Kate Sycamore, VSS Internist
Approved for 8 hours of RACE CE.

7:30 AM: Registration Opens

8:00 AM: Welcome and Introductions ~ Dr. Mary Jean Gorse

8:15 AM: It’s a Fecal Evolution ~ Dr. Teresa Himebaugh

Objective will be to educate the attendees about fecal antigen testing and how it can protect the patient by detecting parasite infections that the microscope misses.

9:15 AM: Wounds ~ Dr. Thomas Coletti

Objective will be to address wound management with a review of wound types and classification, acute patient care and stabilization, acute wound care, wound care techniques, and complications noted with wounds. The goal of the lecture is to impart and review practical methods to care for wounds resulting from bites, gunshots, impalement, and degloving injuries.

10:15AM: Orthopedic Exam: Tips and Tricks ~ Dr. Matthew Mahn

Objective will be to provide an in-depth review of the comprehensive canine orthopedic exam.
The discussion will include specific exam findings and their differential diagnoses. The presentation will also focus on proper neurologic evaluation to help the listener distinguish between true orthopedic and neurologic abnormalities.

11:15 AM: Nutrition Morsels ~ Dr. Christine Willis-Mahn

Objective will be to provide a random assortment of helpful clinical (and practical) nutrition information. These topics will include: diet options for patients with multiple diseases, relative super-saturation (diets with St/Ox Defense, S/O Index, or S+Ox Shield), fiber types and use, and looking beyond the product name.

12:15-1:15 PM: Lunch … and available for discussions at this time:

* Dr. Rebecca Tremble, one of our sponsor’s from Hill’s Science Diet.

* Dr. Kate Sycamore, VSS Internist

1:15 PM: Canine Mast Cell Tumors: Diagnosis, Staging, and Treatment ~ Dr. Erin Fagan

Objectives will include how to diagnose mast cell tumors via cytology, how and when to stage dogs with mast cell tumors prior to surgery, how to interpret histopathology and grading of mast cell tumors, recommended work-up based on the tumor grade, and a discussion of treatment options, including chemotherapy and radiation.

2:15 PM: Environmental Emergencies ~ Dr. Michael Karagiannis

Objectives will be to discuss pathophysiology and treatment options for: heatstroke, snake bites, burns, smoke inhalation, spider bites, drowning, electrocution, and hypothermia.

3:15 PM: Current Concepts in Brain Tumor Therapy-Must We Call it Quits ~ Dr. Fred Wininger

Objective will be to allow practitioners to learn the common signs associated with brain in specific regions of the brain. A brief overview of primary and secondary brain tumors will be discussed. Current treatment modalities and expected prognosis will be reviewed.

4:15 PM: The Spinal Diseases You Didn’t Learn About in Vet School ~ Dr. Fred Wininger

Objectives will be to support an in-depth review of syringomyelia, constrictive myelopathy and ischemic myelopathy. Differential diagnosis prioritization will be discussed so as to enable practitioners to better prepare their clients prior to referral.

5:15 PM: Adjourn/Certificate Retrieval

VSS would like to thank Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Henry Schein Animal Health and IDEXX Laboratories for sponsoring the 2018 VSS Continuing Education Lecture Series.